Pre-Natal Yoga

The Pre-Natal classes are designed especially for the pregnant woman. Focus is given to poses designed to support the body during pregnancy, developing strength and energy while increasing flexibility, circulation and balance.

Many students find that the classes help to relieve back pain and reduce swelling. Particular attention is also placed on breathing and relaxation. Students are guided through breathing techniques that bring physical and mental benefits during pregnancy and childbirth.

The classes also provide a wonderful environment to meet other pregnant women, and share experiences of being pregnant. Previous Yoga experience is not required. Women at all stages of pregnancy are welcome.


Post-Natal Classes: Mommy & Baby, and Post-Natal Integration!

Post Natal (6 weeks to crawling):

Post Natal (6 weeks to crawling): The Post-Natal/Mommy and Baby classes offer a safe and playful environment to enhance the natural bonds between mother and baby. The classes give the mothers time to focus on strengthening and relaxing their bodies through asanas (poses) and breathing. Special attention is given to re-establishing core strength and toning the pelvic floor, while releasing tension around the shoulders, neck and low back.

For the babies it encourages natural muscle growth and development of coordination, while expanding their comfort level in new situations and making new friends. The babies' participation is integrated throughout the class, which gives the mothers and babies time to bond among a community of other mothers and babies.



Post-Natal Integration:

The Post-Natal Integration class is dedicated to new mothers, to cultivate stability and ease of the body and mind. In this class we will focus on how to safely stabilize and strengthen core support during the post-natal period, while incorporating gentle yoga poses (asanas) to help balance the body and alleviate common places of ache and strain among new mothers. Time will be given to restorative practices to alleviate tension and stress, while reawakening greater vitality and ease. Previous yoga experience is not required; all levels welcome.

This class is appropriate for women who have already received their health practitioner’s okay that it is safe to return to gentle exercise following childbirth; this is generally six weeks after childbirth (vaginal birth), and eight weeks or more after Caesarean birth, though timing might vary depending on the individual.


Pre- and Post-Natal Photo Gallery....

Trikonasana (Triangle)

Tadasana in Anjali Mudra
(Mountain pose with hands in prayer)

Virasana (Hero's Pose)

Sharon and Boris, or is it Oscar? She had twins... hard to tell.

Mrs. Leong and.... Boris? Or Oscar?

Kitty and Sam