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March 18-22, 2019
Sacred Touch with Zhao & Eva
10 hours Yoga Alliance accredited
In this workshop series, you will gain an in-depth understanding of the purposeand use of hands-on adjustments for yoga postures. Hands-on adjustments andassists can be a very powerful tool for yoga teachers. When done well, they present an opportunity to retrain patterns orways of moving and build a relationship of trust with your students. 
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March24th, 31st, April 7th, 14th, 2019
Movement Maps -25 hours Yoga Alliance accredited

Acquiregrounded and applicable knowledge of creating safe, fun and efficient classesfor your students.
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April 8-21/June 8-22, 2019 (Chinese Only)
Yoga Yard 200hour Vinyasa Teacher Training

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April 28, 2019
The Power of the feminine
with Malgo
We will explore specific poses that are thought to require a lot of power and find ways to break them down to make them more achievable through progressions. We will connect to the feminine power within ourselves to embrace our hearts, bodies and minds. We will also support each other in our practice through partner exercises and leave the workshop feeling more bonded to our fellow yoginis.
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Ongoing Events

March 30 & 31, 2019
Intro to Yoga Weekend Workshop
New to yoga? Want to brush up on the basics? Join us for a weekend on the principles and practice of vinyasa yoga.
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