kids yoga

Kids yoga at Yoga Yard!

"Yip-pi Yoga," young 4 yearold Sophie calls as she dances into the studio at Yoga Yard.

"Lift your strong foot, the other will naturally follow," ten year old Yuan-Yuan encourages another preparing for a
handstand for the first time.

"I can touch my toes," says 11 year old Bianca at the end of her first class, who before had yet to find that by simply
bending her knees, her toes come near in reach.

"I need to rest now。" says Teo recognizing what action he needs.

"Anything is possible, next week, can we fly to Africa?" sings Yasmine.

Teacher: Program taught by Angela Gervan

Location: Yoga Yard, 17 Gongti Beilu (see map)

 Age Group: 4+ years

Thursday, July 31, August 7, & August 14: 4:00 - 4:40 pm (drop-in classes) = 100 RMB

Age Group: open

Saturday, August 16: 3:00-4:00pm (drop in class) = 100 RMB

Description:Fun and creative, these age appropriate yoga sessions allow children and teens time to express, energize and enjoy movement in a caring and non-competitive environment.

Taught by Angela Gervan, certified by Karma Kids in Tokyo and NY. Angela finds inspiration in her joyful memories of creative dance as a child and recent study of developmental patterns (with Donna Farhi and Marcia Monroe). Angela seeks to offer a creative journey for youth to enter the wonderful world of wellness, through yoga.

Angela has been working with youth for more than 4 years. Teaching has taken Angela throughout the world: in Tokyo she taught at Seishin Elementary (attended by princess Michiko), throughout Japan on, in the US as an entertainer at Walt Disney World, in rural parts of the Phillippines with www.habitatforhumanity, and to Cambodia with

Fly like a butterfly!

Hang upside down like a monkey!

Breathe, rest and be still - come play yoga!


Enrollment limited to 8 per class.

Cost: 400 RMB for four week session

BONUS: As a bonus to the program, we also offer a parent one free class at Yoga Yard for registering their child! The parent is welcome to take this class anytime; just let our Reception desk know you are the parent of a registered Kids Yoga participant to redeem your free class.

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Four week sessions:

Wednesdays, June 4 - 25 (4-7 years)

Saturday, June 7 -28 (4-7 years)

Wedesdays, June 4 - 25 (9+ years)

Saturday, June 7 -28 (9+ years)


Please make payment in full to ensure space in the program. Space limited!