Vinyasa Yoga Dance with Malgo Blonska

Every Sunday Evening
Vinyasa Yoga Dance with Malgo Blonska
This class is designed for students who enjoy a dynamic practice. Each class will finish with a short choreography based on the moves learned during the practice and danced to a contemporary or classical music piece.

About Malgo/关于Malgo:
Malgo’s passion used to be dance but she was unable to pursue it after a car accident she was in 10 years ago. The injuries and broken bones were not healing properly until she discovered yoga. Her yoga journey started from not being able to hold the plank pose or sit in crossed legs position due to lack of strength in her both previously broken wrists and hips injury. She was drawn to yoga by the process of healing it was bringing not only to her body, but also to her mind. Recovering strength and discovering different aspects of yoga became a part of her daily routine.
She completed her Yoga Teacher Training with Yogi Sivadas at Kailash Tribal School in Mcleodganj, India in 2012. Since then she has been attending workshops with different teachers on regular basis. In 2016 she completed an Acro Vinyasa training with Claudine and Honza Lafond and she continues to develop her passion for Acro Yoga.
She started incorporating dance practice into yoga which resulted in creating a fusion between these two- yoga dance. Her self- practice also consists of yoga with weights, acro yoga, vinyasa yoga and ashtanga.
Malgo says that the most surprising element that her yoga practice brought into her life was constantly growing compassion and kindness and she is trying to incorporate this element into her classroom environment. “It is not about placing your feet behind your ears- it is about what we create in the space between our ears- our minds”.
On a daily basis she is a journalist and a history teacher. She writes articles on Asia for a radio station in Poland and teaches 20th century history at an international school in Beijing.

2012年,Malgo老师在印度Mcleodganj的Kailash Tribal 学校,和Yogi Sivadas一起完成了瑜伽教练的培训。从那以后她经常和不同的瑜伽老师参加各种各样的瑜伽工作坊。2016年,她和Claudine、 Honza Lafond一起完成了Acro Vinyasa的训练,至今仍然对Acro Yoga抱有极大的热情。
除此之外,Malgo老师还尝试将舞蹈与瑜伽相互融合,并创造了一种兼具两者风格的“瑜伽舞蹈”。在她的日常练习中,她也会将重量训练,acro yoga, vinyasa yoga 以及 ashtanga融合在一起,丰富瑜伽内容,感受不同瑜伽所带来的魅力。

Time: Every Sunday 7:00-8:30pm. May -August Cancelled

Donation-based class. All donations will go to support a local charity. Minimum donation: 30 rmb.

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