When Foot Touches Earth and Sky
Advanced Inversions – Finding balance away from the wall

We play with and refine techniques of how overcome the fear of using your hands and arms as both a stabilizing force and a moving symmetry to keep the body safe and secure. Utilizing techniques of weight transfer and pressure points to help improve balance in the fingers and the palm. We will examine and practice ways of entering and exiting inversions while “walking away from the wall” safely and progressively.
We will explore:
- Sirsasana - variations of base & arm/leg positions
- Adho Mukha Vrksasana - variations of base & arm/leg positions
- Pincha Mayurasana - variations of base & arm/leg positions
Suitable for:
- Students with a secure inversion practice. Must have the ability to ascend without the need for help. Not suitable for practitioners with major shoulder, wrist or neck injuries.

May 27, 2018 (Sunday)

1:00-4:00pm (3 hours)


Yoga Yard

English & Chinese

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About David:

David’s yoga study began back in New York City at Jivamukti in a pre-gentrified section of the lower east side. He later spent many an early morning and heated afternoon studying Ashtanga with his mentors and primary guides into the glorious world of yoga, Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty. After foolishly rejecting Maty's encouragement to enter teacher training for several years, David succumbed to the call of heart and soul and completed his training and apprenticeship with Annie Carpenter and Lisa Walford.

For well over a decade now, David has been leading international and local 200 and 300 hours teacher trainings, workshops and retreats. His teaching has taken him around the globe with a large focus of his trainings centered throughout Asia. He thrives to better understand the shape and form of body, mind and spirit, and refine his abilities to integrate the knowledge of his teachers’ past and present into his own students’ lives. For him, teaching is an improvisational art where one communes with the language of the body and soul in a flowing dance of movement and stasis mixed with an internal walk into one’s own ego where we strip away all the facades and veils that keep us from seeing and embracing our inner truth and divine light.

Known for his vigorous yet playful vinyasa style, whether in his level 1/2, 2 or 2/3 classes, David embraces students of all levels, giving each support and space to explore their practices within strict alignment, without ever sacrificing the joy of breath and movement.
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The love of food came early for David, and after graduating from the prestigious Kitchen Academy/California School of Culinary Arts, David was privileged to work under James Bead award winning Chef Michel Richard, Chef Remi Lauvand and Chef Amanda Osborne at Citrus at Social in Hollywood. Driven to feed both body and soul of his students, David created YogaChef, a yoga retreat and catering company focusing on farm to table fare prepared with complex simplicity.



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