Workshop with Snow – Healing the Lower Back

Today, many people who suffer chronic lower-back pain invest a lot of money and time pursuing the magical cure, but are often disappointed by the lack of results. To fundamentally address back issues, one must first understand the human body and use and care for it properly.

Practicing yoga, under the right guidance, can effectively eliminate back pain. However, many patients don’t know how to approach yoga properly: they don’t know how to incorporate yoga into their daily life; they are wary of the potential risks; they are afraid that activities may bring further pain.

 Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar once said that “Pain is also a good teacher.” In this workshop, our seasoned teachers will share some of the Iyengar yoga methods designed to heal the back. The postures to be introduced will be simple, but fundamental and effective.

The Iyengar method must be taught while considering a combination of elements: knowledge of the student’s lifestyles and physical attributes, characteristics of different body types, and principles of physical therapy. All these help constitute a strong basis for successfully healing the lower back.

Date: May 13th, 2018 (Sunday)
Time: 1:00-4:00pm (3 hours)
Price: 450rmb (400rmb if paid by May 6)
Location: Yoga Yard
Language: Chinese & English



About Snow Chen:

Snow is a yoga teacher certified by the Iyengar yoga institute of India. A former dance teacher, she received teacher training with Matthew Cohen, attended integrated spine workshop taught by Donna Farhi, as well as Simon Low’s Yin & Yang yoga workshop. Starting in 2010, she enrolled in a three-year Iyengar teacher training under the guidance of S.F. Biria, and passed the first-level exam in 2014. She then started a three-year intermediate Iyengar teacher training. Snow teaches in many studios and private lessons.

Snow has practiced yoga for 10 years with experience in restorative, flow and Iyengar styles. Having taught more than 10,000 classes, snow’s teaching integrates traditional yoga, Buddhism and modern psychology. She helps her students find the most suitable practices, allowing them to discover, feel, and balance their inner energies, thus enriching their lives.

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