200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training with Matthew Cohen ~ Sacred Energy Arts

Sacred Energy Arts is a unique, integrated system of health and self-development drawing from the teachings of yoga, qigong and martial arts. This course is designed to quickly bring you to the next level of ability in your personal practice-and become a 200hr Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher. By the end of the training you will be confident in teaching a SEA Signature Yoga Flow Class.

This training will prepare and certify participants to: 

  1. Be a Sacred Energy Arts and Yoga Alliance Certified teacher
  2. Teach Sacred Energy Arts Yoga classes with authentic, intelligent, and fluid sequencing
  3. Teach & Adjust from a healer’s perspective implementing Tai Chi & Qigong principles
  4. Experience and teach select Qigong methods to cultivate & manage life energy
  5. Develop and teach a personal mediation practice
  6. Build a foundational understanding of yogic & taoist philosophy.
  7. Be to able to use hands-on healing techniques drawn from bodywork and massage
  8. Have a complete understanding of yoga poses and their corresponding medicinal benefits
  9. Apply Anatomy & Physiology to yoga and movement.
  10. Have a comprehensive understanding of Pranayama and Qigong breathing techniques

Who is this for:
This training is for you if you simply want to deepen your yoga practice, aspire to teach, or are already teaching.


About Matthew Raymond Cohen

Sifu Matthew Cohen is the founder and creator of Sacred Energy Arts: a unique, integrated system of health and self development drawing from the teachings of yoga, qigong, and martial arts. Matthew developed this method after discovering that even though yoga, qigong, and the internal martial arts each stand alone as great health systems, that something powerful and transformative emerges as the practices join. Together they complement each other to create a complete practice.

Matthew has been fully immersed in the study and application of Martial, Yogic and Healing Arts for over 30 years.

At a young age Matthew instinctively gravitated towards yoga, discovering the hidden secrets within the breath, balance, and strength of the poses. Matthew’s practice continued to grow, obtaining certifications in Ashtanga under Tim Miller and Hatha Yoga under Max Strom, Sarah Powers, and Saul David Raye. Matthew has the highest Yoga Alliance certification as an E-RYT® 500 certified teacher.

At 12-years-old, Matthew began martial arts training at Kam Yuen’s School of Tai Mantis Kung Fu, eventually earning the rank of 5th degree black belt. He went on to attain the title of Guru in Kun Tao Silat under the masterful Willem de Thouars. Inspired by these teachers and their ability to draw great inner strength from these practices, Matthew went on to study the three great internal martial arts of China: Tai Chi, Xing Yi, and Ba Gua. Matthew had the good fortune to train many hours privately in China with the renown grandmaster Duan Zhi Liang. There he received the masters blessing to share his style of Primordial Chaos Qigong. He then studied under Liu Xuyang in Neija, Ba Gua, and Xing Yi. Matthew earned a position as a 6th generation teacher in the lineage and only person recognized to teach his style in the United States. Today Matthew is a highly sought after master teacher of Tai Chi as well as Qigong: The art of energy cultivation.

Matthew is great believer in the life long journey of the continual growth in the Sacred Energy Arts. He currently is learning and training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Master Jean Jacques Machado.

Matthew is based in Malibu, California and travels internationally teaching workshops, intensives, and teacher trainings.

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

22000RMB200hours (Early Bird Price: 18800RMB)

•Session 1 (100 hours): March 11 - March 25, 2018, with one day of rest on Sunday March 18.

•Session 2 (100 hours): May 13 - May 27, 2018, with one day of rest on Sunday May 20.   11000RMB (9400RMB if paid by March 15)

Session 1 Time: 8:30-12:00, 1:30-17:00

Location: Chan Yoga

English & Chinese

Chan Yoga,Chaoyang District, Beijing, the 21st century hotel on the south side of the swimming pool

Registration: Please register with Yoga Yard at 6413-0774, info@yogayard.com, or on our website at
www.yogayard.com. Space is limited; please register early. Registration is confirmed only when payment in full is received.

Cancellations: If cancelling 30 days prior to the workshop, payment minus 10% of the total workshop fee will be re-funded. If
cancelling 10 - 29 days prior to the workshop, 50% of the total amount paid will be refunded. If cancellation made within 10
days prior to the workshop, no payment will be refunded.

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