Journey through the Chakras With Zhao

The seven chakras are subtle energy centers in our body, situated along the spine. Chakra energies  can affect our health, wellbeing and personal development. Each chakra is connected to several organs via the nervous system and when energy is congested, communication can be altered, impacting the functioning of the organs, possibly resulting in disease. It is therefore important that we keep our chakras in balance!

The workshop will lead you to feel the colors, sounds and even psychological impact of each chakra through meditation and yoga asanas. As you learn about the chakras, it allows you to liberate your fixed patterns, unhealthy emotions, and defensive tools.

Date:           May 20, 2018 (Sunday)
Time:          1:00-4:00pm
Price:          450rmb
Location:    Yoga Yard
Language: Chinese & English

About ZhaoRongkun:

Zhao started to practice yoga when she was a teenager in Finland and Sweden. In 2011, she became a 300-hour Yoga Alliance-certified yoga teacher, she was trained with Ashtanga, Anusara, Vinyasa, Qi Gong, and Pilate. In recent 3 years, she is under the guidance of teachers in Yoga Yard. She is grateful to her teacher Robyn Wexler, Matthew Cohen, Sarah Powers, Donna Farhi either by their physical guidance or knowledge from books and DVDs. Apart from yoga teaching, she is also a freelance journalist and writer. She believes yoga can enlivens and awaken your body and mind, much more than just stretching and strengthening, what we are creating in yoga is harmony and stillness. Zhao's classes are playful, fun and sweaty Vinyasa in both English and Chinese.

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