Are you interested in learning how to fly? Come learn the fundamentals of Acro-Yoga at this Beginners workshop with Jamessee and Justine.

Intro to Acro-Yoga with Jamessee and Justine

Acro-yoga combines the awareness of Yoga, the healing arts of Thai Massage and the power of acrobatics. A beautiful practice to cultivate trust, connection and playfulness. During the workshop we will be working on strength elements, becoming comfortable L-basing and flying with proper alignment, finding the magic of handstand, on the topics of trust and surrender, and finally (and most importantly) play. A great experience to challenge your practice and build your confidence with inversions in a safe environment. Come support and be supported. We are so excited to have Jamessee, certified teacher through and Acroyoga Montreal, visiting us from Canada to share with us his wisdom. No previous experience needed. You can come alone or with a partner.




双人瑜伽将对瑜伽的认知、泰式按摩的疗愈艺术与杂技的力量融合在一起,是一种可培养信任、建立联系且好玩的运动。在本期工作坊里,我们将加强力量练习、学习如何通过恰当的体位成为更好的支持者和飞行者、寻找手倒立的魔力、学习信任你的同伴,并最终学会玩耍(这也是最重要的)。这将是一个挑战你的练习、并在安全环境下建立对倒立的自信的好机会。加入我们,获得支持,并一起支持他人。此次我们很高兴地请到了AcroYoga.org与Acroyoga Montreal的认证教师Jamessee,他从加拿大来,将与我们分享他的智慧。没有双人瑜伽基础也能来参加呦,可以单独报名或与同伴一起。


About Jamessee:
Jamessee was born and bread in the snow of the Canadian arctic. Originally trained as a gymnastics and trampoline coach, he was introduced to the world of acrobatics through cheerleading. After years of being self taught with the acroyoga he could find online, he went on to study the practice with Jason Nemer (Founder of Acroyoga International) and Acroyoga Montreal. He now spends his days looking for people to fly and subsequently fall in love with acroyoga. "The joy you see spread across someone's face when you show them they can do something they thought impossible… I'll never get tired of that!"

Jamessee在加拿大北极圈的大雪纷飞中出生成长。作为体操与蹦床运动的教练,最初他通过啦啦队对杂技有了了解。在经过几年上网找视频自学双人瑜伽的日子之后,他在Jason Nemer(双人瑜伽国际Acroyoga International的创始人)与Acroyoga Montreal的指导下进行了练习。现在,他致力于双人瑜伽运动的推广。“当你向人们展示,他们可以完成他们曾认为不可能的事情时,你会看到欣喜在他们的脸上蔓延……这让我乐此不疲!”



About Justine:
Justine’s love for the natural world and community brought her to the practice of Acro-yoga and yoga. She has been a yoga teacher since 2009 (PowerYoga 2009; YogaWorks 2012) and completed her AcroYoga teacher training with Acroyoga International. Justine offers playful and challenging classes that draw upon awareness of the breath, your body, mind and heart. She especially enjoys promoting yoga and acro-yoga in green and outdoor spaces. When she is not practicing acro-yoga you can find her working to save the mythical snow leopard in the Tibetan Plateau.

Justine对自然与社区的热爱引导着她开始了瑜伽及双人瑜伽的练习。她于2009年成为一名瑜伽教师(PowerYoga 2009; YogaWorks 2012)并在双人瑜伽国际(Acroyoga International)完成了她的双人瑜伽教师培训。Justine的课程充满乐趣并富有挑战,注重培养对呼吸、身体与心灵的关注。她尤其乐于在绿色的户外空间中对瑜伽与双人瑜伽进行推广。 在不练双人瑜伽的时间里,你会发现她在为拯救青藏高原神秘的雪豹而工作。

March 3, 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 1:30-4:00pm (2.5 hours)
Price: 300rmb (260 if paid by February 13)
Location: Yoga Yard
Language: English & Chinese

日期: 2018年3月3日 (周六)
时间: 下午 1:30-4:00 (2.5小时)
价格: 300元 (2月13日前付款260元)
地点: 瑜伽苑
语言: 英文 & 中文

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