Introduction to Acro-yoga with Jamessee and Justine

Acro-yoga combines the awareness of Yoga, the healing arts of Thai Massage and the power of acrobatics. A beautiful practice to cultivate trust, connection and playfulness. During the workshop we will be working on strength elements, becoming comfortable L-basing and flying with proper alignment, finding the magic of handstand, on the topics of trust and surrender, and finally (and most importantly) play. A great experience to challenge your practice and build your confidence with inversions in a safe environment. Come support and be supported. We are so excited to have Jamessee, certified teacher through, visiting us from Canada to share with us his inversion wisdom. No previous experience needed. You can come alone or with a partner.

Acro瑜伽结合了瑜伽的认知,泰式按摩的治愈艺术和杂技的力量。一种美丽的训练来培养信任,联系和玩耍。 这个工作坊, 我们主要练习力量的元素,让你学会更舒适的支撑和通过正确的调节,找到手倒立的魔力,讨论信任和听任你的同伴, 最后也是最重要的,学会玩耍。 这是一个非常棒的体验来挑战你的训练和在安全的环境里建立你的自信。赶紧来和我们一起学会支持别人同时也得到支持。我们特别兴奋能有Jamessee, 他是AcroYOGA.ORG认证的教练, 从加拿大来和我们一起分享他倒立的智慧。 你并不需要有任何的基础来参加我们的工作坊。个人和带着伙伴一起来也可以。


About Justine: 
Justine’s love for the natural world and community brought her to the practice of Acro-yoga and yoga. Through her travels and trainings, she has been exposed to many different yoga styles and traditions, including power yoga, vinyasa yoga, ashtanga yoga and acro-yoga. She has been a yoga teacher since 2009 and has recently completed her AcroYoga teacher training with Jason Nemer (founder of Justine offers dynamic and playful classes that combine with an adventurous spirit and open heart. When she is not practicing acro-yoga you can find her working to save the mythical snow leopard in the Tibetan Plateau.

关于 Justine:
对于大自然和社区的热爱让竹林爱上了联系Acro瑜伽。通过她的旅行和培训, 她接触到了不同的瑜伽训练方式,包括力量瑜伽,流瑜伽,Ashtanga 和杂耍瑜伽。从2009年开始做瑜伽教练, 最近完成了Acro瑜伽的教师培训并师从于ACRO-YOGA.ORG的创建者Jason Memer。 竹林的课充满活力而且好玩。结合了冒险精神和开放的心。当你发现竹林没有教瑜伽的时候,你会发现她在西藏高原地区拯救神秘的雪豹。


About Jamessee:
Jamessee was born and bread in the snow of the Canadian arctic. Originally trained as a gymnastics and trampoline coach, he was introduced to the world of acrobatics through cheerleading. After years of being self taught with the acroyoga he could find online, he went on to study the practice with Jason Nemer (Founder of He now spends his days looking for people to fly and subsequently fall in love with acroyoga. "The joy you see spread across someone's face when you show them they can do something they thought impossible… I'll never get tired of that!"

关于 Jamessee:
Jamessee在充满雪的北极圈的加拿大长大。本来是专业的体操和跳窗教练。他是通过拉拉队接触到的杂技。通过多年的网上自学Acro瑜伽, 然后师从与ACRO-YOGA.ORG的创建者Jason Memer。他现在一直在寻找能飞起来并爱上Acro瑜伽的人。“你帮助人们做了他们认为自己根本做不了的事,他们成功后脸上流露出来的欢乐,让我乐此不倦”

Date/日期: April 22, 2017 (Saturday)/4月22日 周六

Time/时间: 1:30 - 4:00pm (2.5 hours)

Language/语言: English/中文

Cost/价格: 300rmb

Location/地点: Yoga Yard

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