April 21 - 24, 2018

The Power of Yin is a highly interactive learning journey which explores where we have come from, how to nourish our true Self and create genuine relationships with ourselves and others. It offers practical instructions on accessing our deeper intelligence as the guide to our destiny. This course is ideal for teachers, helpers, leaders, therapists and parents. All teachings are suitable to share with students, clients, friends and family members.

The 4 day course is structured around seven steps which explores the origin of life as a feminine power. Step 1 We look at our ancestral gifts and strengths which helps us to Step 2 Gather and Manage our Power. Step 3 We explore how to Open and Unblock our Flows In Step 4 we look at how to Engage the natural Power of Presence.  Step 5 We practice how to Earth and Ground our energy.  Step 6 Focuses on Nurturing ourselves, our home and family lives Step 7 Explores how to Partner Life as a wondrous Mystery and engage the flow of the Tao. 

Each step begins with Chinese medical teachings which explain the links between the physical, emotional and spiritual ways of being.  To integrate the teachings the second half of each session includes standing, breathing and restorative Yoga practices. Each session will also include some sharing with other students, questions and answers with the teacher, and guided meditation reflections to apply the teachings to your life.

Cameron Tukapua is a Chinese medical Doctor with 3 decades experience to share. Cameron has been teaching at Yoga Yard since 2005 empowering people to discover their own greatness and align with destiny to live happy fulfilling lives.

Date: April 21 -24, 2018 (4 days)

Time: 8:00-11:00 & 12:00-15:00

Price: Full Course 3880CNY (EBR 3480CNY paid by March 31)

          Half Course 1980CNY (EBR 1750CNY paid by March 31)

Language: English & Chinese

* This programme is a theory-based training.



About Cameron Tukapua
Cameron Tukapua is a Chinese medicine Doctor who is passionate about empowering people to follow their destiny. Using the language, frameworks and practices from traditional Chinese medicine and Yogic teachings she helps people connect to their true nature. Cameron has been practicing and teaching in Australia, New Zealand, China, Hawaii and England for over 3 decades specialising in mental and spiritual well-being. Cameron was owner-Director of a government registered Chinese medicine College in New Zealand from 1999 to 2007. . Cameron guides people to understand where they have come from and how they create and contribute to their unfolding destiny by daily life choices. She empowers people to recognise how to free flow their energy as a path to alignment with true nature.
More information please check www.youbeingyou.org

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